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What customers say about Amanda...

"Mande quickly tunes into the culture of her clients. She has great listening skills, and an unusual ability to hear what is not spoken. She articulates issues in ways that support people in solving sticky complex problems."  - Health Care Project Manager

"I decided to hire Mande because of her ability to understand the problems of her customers customers. She shares information, builds coalitions and establishes partnerships that are critical to meeting business objectives."  - Leasing Company Operations Executive

"Mandes ability to engender trust and communicate respect for our efforts inspired me and others on the team to stretch for goals that we did not believe were possible, and in some cases even thinkable."  - Independent Computer Consultant

"She believes that if she does her job well, she is out of a job. She knows when her work is done and moves on. We know her work is done, and we miss her."  - Retail Bank Training Manager

Productivity Partners is not for everyone; it is for businesses and individuals open to growth and change and committed to improving.
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